Dr. Felix Härer

Senior Researcher and Lecturer (Oberassistent), University of Fribourg

University Website
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Digitalization and Information Systems Group, Prof. Fill
Department of Informatics · Boulevard de Pérolles 90 · 1700 Fribourg · Switzerland

Research Interests
  • Modeling (Software and Systems Modeling, Conceptual Modeling)
  • Blockchain and Cloud Computing (Distributed Systems, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts)
  • Data Management and Analytics (Data-intensive Applications, Predictive Analytics, ML)
  • Software and Requirements Engineering (Methods, Tools, Languages)
  • Information Security (Internet/Cyber-Security)
Teaching Experience
  • Information Systems Modeling (B.Sc.)
  • Requirements Engineering for Information Systems (B.Sc.)
  • Information Systems Development Project (B.Sc.)
  • Blockchain (executive programs, iimt Fribourg) at iimt.ch
  • Development of Enterprise Information Systems (teaching assistant) (M.Sc.)
  • Enterprise Data Systems (teaching assistant) (M.Sc.) at VAWi.de
  • Databases (teaching assistant) (B.Sc.)
  • Python (B.Sc.)
  • SQL (B.Sc.)
  • Computer Systems Application Packages (B.Sc.)
  • Digitalization (topic: Blockchain) (teaching assistant) (M.Sc.)
  • Meta-Modeling (teaching assistant) (M.Sc.)
Current and Previous Positions

2020 - now  Senior Researcher and Lecturer, University of Fribourg
2020 - now  Lecturer for Blockchain, iimt Executive Programs, iimt Fribourg
2018 - 2019 Research Assistant, Teaching / Research, University of Fribourg
2016 - 2019 PhD, Decentralized Organizations / Blockchains, U. of Bamberg
2014 - 2018 Research Assistant, Teaching / Research, University of Bamberg
2014 - 2017 Teaching Assistant, Enterprise Data Sys., M.Sc. Online Program VAWi.de
2012 - 2014 Grd. Stud. Assistant, Teaching (Info. Sys., Algorithms, Data), U. of Bamberg
2012 - 2014 Master of Science (PDF), Information Systems, University of Bamberg
2009 - 2012 Software Development for Angiography Systems (C++, DSL), Siemens, DE

For details, please refer to linkedin.com/in/felix-härer-0aa41a85.

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